A Few of Our Favorite Videos

AdoptedDVDCoverArt.jpg Adopted
directed by Barb Lee, co-produced with Nancy Kim Parsons
We Can Do Better
directed by Barb Lee, written by Catherine Wigginton Greene, co-produced with Catherine Wigginton Greene and Nancy Kim Parsons

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***For home use only***
The first of a two dvd set, Adopted reveals the grit rather than the glamour of transracial adoption. First-time director Barb Lee goes deep into the intimate lives of two families. One is just beginning the process of adopting a baby from China and is filled with hope and possibility. The other family’s adopted Korean daughter is now 32 years old. Prompted by her adoptive mother’s terminal illness, she communicates her complex feelings about being transracially adopted in order to create a closeness she yearns for.

Pact says: The results are riveting, unpredictable and extremely insightful. The DVD is sold as a set that includes over 3 hours of training videos on adoption, parenting and racial issues in adoption. Excellent. Institutional Use Price: $300.00
closure.jpg Closure: A Documentary About Adoption
by Bryan Tucker

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Produced and edited by Angela’s husband Bryan Tucker, Closure follows then 26-year-old Angela on her journey to find and meet her birth mother, who placed her for adoption when she was born. Closure doesn’t end in a crisp package with a neat bow. This is real life. Bryan Tucker brings his humanity to his wife’s most personal story, and gives a compelling, validating, and deeply moving depiction of her struggle and thrill at her reconnection with her birth family.

Pact says: This is a gift to those of us living in families touched by adoption and offers us much to contemplate and discuss

daddy-papa.jpg Daddy & Papa
Directed by Johnny Symons

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This film explores the growing phenomenon of gay fatherhood in the ever-changing landscape of the American family. This intimate and compelling film delves into challenges such as surrogacy, foster care, interracial adoption, gay marriage and divorce, and the battle for full legal status as parents. The message of Symons' frank and frequently poignant documentary is that hard work, love, and commitment - not gender or sexual orientation - are what constitute a good home for a child.

Pact says: Daddy & Papa is a thoughtful and frequently entertaining reminder that family transends gender identity.

jagadamba.jpg Jagadamba, Mother of the Universe
By Amber Field

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***For home use only***
A short film (10 min, 19 sec) about identity and finding one’s home in the world. Amber was born in Korea and adopted by a white single parent, growing up in Korea, Nepal, Liberia and eventually the US. This is a tender portrayal of her healing journey through music that acknowledges the ways in which race and adoption matter. Not suitable for young children.

Pact says: Amber self identified as a queer transracial adoptee, is a musician and artist who has worked with Pact at our camp.

LasHijas.jpg Las Hijas
Directed by Maria Quiroga

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A documentary about three young women who were adopted from Colombia as infants. Raised in the New York City/New Jersey area by white parents, these Latinas, who might be perceived by white people as being able to “pass,” display clarity about their need to understand their own adoption history and heritage before they can be fully comfortable in their own skin.

Pact says: This is a great film that will give viewers an insider view to the candid experiences of three different women who begin their search for self in isolation but eventually find one another and a whole community of belonging.

MirrorsofPrivilege.jpg Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible
by Shakti Butler

***For home use only***
This film features the experiences of white men and women who have worked to gain insight into what it means to challenge notions of racism and white supremacy. Participants talk about their learned and internalized sense of privilege as well as the comments of some very articulate adults of color. Featuring: Tim Wise, Joe Fahey, Peggy V. MacIntosh, Marguerite Parks, Gary Howard and many more

Pact says: This film catalyzes powerful dialogue to support learning, change and the healing of all people who want to undo race-based oppression. $350.00 Institutional Use, $150.00 Community Groups / Educators /Public Libraries

OffandRunning.jpg Off & Running: An American Coming of Age Story
Directed by Nicole Oper

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With white Jewish lesbians for parents and two adopted brothers, Brooklyn teenager Avery, a track star with a bright future, is curious about her African American birth mother and trying to figure out her identity as an adoptee and an African American woman. Sometimes hard to watch, the film follows Avery as she explores hew multiple identities and her relationship with her adoptive and birth mothers.

Pact says: This a provocative film that explores a mulitplicity of issues all in the context of transracial adoption in a way that is both deep and forgiving. Highly recommended.

Outside Looking In webstore.jpg Outside Looking In
by Phil Bertelsen

Bertelsen goes behind the camera to introduce three different generations of transracial adoption in three different families in three different regions of the country. Each family's story explores a different aspect of the many complex issues that arise when child and parent do not share the same racial background. Phil’s own experience lends an authentic and compassionate voice to this exploration of a 30-year history of transracial adoptions in America.

Pact Says: As America struggles to understand and address its own complex racial history, Outside Looking In compels viewers to get past the traditional "pro versus con" debate and explore how to navigate race and adoption in ways that serve children more than adults.
PactCamp.jpg Pact Camp Videos
$45.00 $15.75 On Sale!
Get a taste of past Pact Camp's with videos of presentations on topics specific to transracial parenting.
Pact Camp Video Set of 4

Titles include:

  • Adolescent Issues featuring Joseph Crumbley and Gail Steinberg
  • African American Identity featuring Joseph Crumbley
  • Talking with Children About Adoption featuring David Brodzinsky
  • Using Books featuring Gail Steinberg

resilience.jpg Resilience
A film by Tammy Chu

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Myoung-ja, who has sent her son Brent (Sung-wook) abroad to be adopted meets him after 30 years and spends a special time with him. They meet for the first time on national TV, then part ways and meet repeatedly, trying to become a family again. Unfortunately, they are faced with problems that so many families with adopted children experience, such as the language barrier and the cultural gap. Myoung-ja takes part in a movement against international adoptions and tries to build a firm base for her life as she takes care of children born to single mothers.
somewhere-between.jpg Somewhere Between
by Linda Knowlton

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Somewhere Between follows four teenage girls adopted from China by families living in different parts of the United States. Each of the girls’ stories is unique, yet there are common threads that run through them: we watch the girls struggling with questions of identity and belonging, and wrestling with how it feels to know so little about their origins.

Pact Says: Somewhere Between is a well-made film with many remarkable and eloquent scenes that demonstrate the complexity of the journey to find oneself in the context of transracial adoption although, we are left to wonder whether participating in it will ultimately be a beneficial experience for the girls, or one more way in which their stories have been twisted into poignant origami for the benefit of others.
Struggle.jpg Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption & A Conversation 10 years Late
This thought-provoking double video set (20-minutes each) presenting adult adoptees who discuss their experiences growing up in transracial adoptive families delves into complex issues such as confronting stereotypes, fitting into culture of origin and learning to identify racially. In the follow up, John Raible and Michelle Johnson return to clarify and expand on their commentary ten years later.

Pact says: We love this video and the clear voiced adoptees who speak to all of us in a way that enlightens our ability to service the children growing up behind them. Widely considered the definitive video on the topic.

visable.jpg Visible Differences
Directed by Ann Humphrey

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A 28-minute video useful as a training tool for pre- and post-adoptive families adopting across racial or cultural lines through either domestic or international adoption. Single parents, two parent households, families with children adopted from different countries and racial groups, families with both birth and adopted children and adult transracial adoptees share their personal stories.

Pact says: Features Holly van Gulden (author of Real Parents, Real Children) as well as Gail Steinberg (co-author of Inside Transracial Adoption and co-founder of Pact) and her daughter Liza are featured. Flicka van Praagh, Director of International Adoptions, Spence-Chapin