Transracial Adoption

AdoptedDVDCoverArt.jpg Adopted
directed by Barb Lee, co-produced with Nancy Kim Parsons
We Can Do Better
directed by Barb Lee, written by Catherine Wigginton Greene, co-produced with Catherine Wigginton Greene and Nancy Kim Parsons

The first of a two dvd set, Adopted reveals the grit rather than the glamour of transracial adoption. First-time director Barb Lee goes deep into the intimate lives of two families. One is just beginning the process of adopting a baby from China and is filled with hope and possibility. The other family’s adopted Korean daughter is now 32 years old. Prompted by her adoptive mother’s terminal illness, she communicates her complex feelings about being transracially adopted in order to create a closeness she yearns for.

Pact says: The results are riveting, unpredictable and extremely insightful. The DVD is sold as a set that includes over 3 hours of training videos on adoption, parenting and racial issues in adoption. Excellent. Institutional Use Price: $300.00

A self-assessment guide for adoptive families considering adoption across racial or cultural lines. This learning tool will help pre-adoptive parents decide for themselves if transracial adoption is the right choice for their family. It is designed to give parents feedback as to how challenging this form of parenting is likely to be for them depending on their personality, lifestyle, attitude about race and knowledge of races other than their own Professionals will find this tool invaluable.

Comments from the field: "This was a useful tool for increasing our awareness of our experience as a transracial couple and family and for opening areas of exploration for us as a couple, as parents and prospective adoptive parents. For example, completing the survey helped us to recognize some important differences in our individual responses and contributions to parenting, given that one of us is Caucasian and the other Hispanic. Until now, we had focused on our simlar interests and shared bilinguality, but we had missed that for one of us transracial issues have been central to learning to be a parent, while for the other these issues have not arisen at all. Thanks for helping us dig deeper."

    Susan McKenna & Rafael Coto

    Bulk pricing is available at the rate of $5.00 for 11-100, $3.50 for more than 100. Please email us for more information.

adoptedchild.gif Best of Adopted Child, The - Ethnic and Cultural Identity
The best articles on the topic compiled from Lois Melina's newsletter Adopted Child. Comprised of articles ranging from 1983 through 1996 this issue addresses issues for families who have adopted children of different races either internationally or domestically.

Dual heritage, dual loyalties.
Interracial Families, Interwoven Cultures
$18.00 $13.50 On Sale!
A six-hour audiotape looking at the challenges of transracial adoption. Recorded at a day-long training program led by Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg, it concentrates on the child's experience in the world.

Building pride and connections.
guide.gif Trainer's Guide for Transracial Adoption
$60.00 $45.00 On Sale!
  • The Trainer's Guide A manual filled with practical outlines and exercises designed for professionals working with pre-and post-adoptive transracial families.
  • Handouts & Overhead Guides Handouts & Overhead Guides in 3-ring-binder designed for handout replication (permission to duplicate granted with purchase).
  • Below The Surface by Beth Hall & Gail Steinberg A Self-Assessment Guide For Anyone Considering Adoption Across Racial Or Cultural Lines.

A Transracial Curriculum Guide for professionals working with pre- and post-adoptive families includes sections for use with Below The Surface, a self-assessment for families considering adoption across racial and cultural lines. The videotapes "Visible Differences" and "Struggle for Identity" are described for usage in the curriculum although the videotapes themselves are not included with the Trainer's Guide. This kit offers step-by-step outlines and instructions for planning workshops using Pact materials and two instructional videotapes exploring transracial adoption issues. The trainer's guide includes advice on how to use the materials, how to establish topic priorities and suggested exercises for pre- and post- placement families. Instructions include goals, trainer preparation, agendas and handouts. Modules for 12 individual workshops as well as all-day sessions are described. Pre-Adopt Series and Post-Adopt Series Planners as well as Full-Day and Half-Day Workshop Planners are suggested.

Comments from the field: “For two decades, Pact has offered outstanding services to children of color in need of adoption…. Pact has consistently demonstrated its ability to develop and provide the highest quality of services to effectively meet the needs of these special children and their families."

    Winna Davis, San Francisco Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Their Families

Transracial Adoption Collection
  • Best of Pact Press Collections on Racial Identity, Biracial Identity, Being Adopted and Talking With Kids About Adoption
  • Below The Surface by Beth Hall & Gail Steinberg. A self-assessment exploring adoption across racial/cultural lines
  • Inside Transracial Adoption by Gail Steinberg & Beth Hall. A must-read book that pulls no punches.
  • Pact’s Trainer's Guide for Transracial Adoption. A manual offering directions for the best use of Pact’s materials for workshops and trainings.
  • Interracial Families, Interwoven Cultures. A six-hour audiotape on the challenges of transracial adoption featuring Beth Hall & Gail Steinberg.
  • Visible Differences A videotape directed by Ann Humphrey looking at transracial/transnational adoption, featuring Gail Steinberg and her transracially-adopted daughter Liza.
  • Adopted Child: Ethnic & Cultural Identity. Articles written by Lois Melina, author of Raising Adopted Children and Making Sense of Adoption.

Comments from the field: "We understand the importance of developing cultural competency for transracially-adopted children and the necessity for Caucasian parents to help their children of color develop the cultural connections and the self-esteem necessary to counteract the racism that complicates our children's lives. Pact offers services essential to strengthen family unity and encourage self-esteem for their children of color."

    David Carillo, Executive Director, Familias Unidas

visable.jpg Visible Differences
Directed by Ann Humphrey

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A 28-minute video useful as a training tool for pre- and post-adoptive families adopting across racial or cultural lines through either domestic or international adoption. Single parents, two parent households, families with children adopted from different countries and racial groups, families with both birth and adopted children and adult transracial adoptees share their personal stories.

Pact says: Features Holly van Gulden (author of Real Parents, Real Children) as well as Gail Steinberg (co-author of Inside Transracial Adoption and co-founder of Pact) and her daughter Liza are featured. Flicka van Praagh, Director of International Adoptions, Spence-Chapin