Books for Babies and Toddlers About Adoption, Race, and Family

ClapHands.jpg Clap Hands
by Helen Oxenbury

A simple and fun board book, that you can use interactively with your baby or young toddler. We carry it because of the appealing simple rhyming texts and the fact that the babies depicted represent all different races.

Pact says: Appealing simple rhyming texts, all the babies are different races. Fun for parents and children alike.

Hola, Jalapeno
by Amy Wilson Sanger

A board book. Delectable Mexican food along with wonderful pictures and bilingual text make this a fun and lively book to read with your littlest gastronomes.

Pact says: A nice book with a Latino flavor!

Little Bit of Soul Food, A
by Amy Wilson Sanger

A celebration of soul food that is filled with bright colors and cheerful collages that is sure to be a hit with the very young.

Pact says: Enjoy this celebration of African American food traditions.

MamaDoYou.jpg Mama, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara Joosse & Barbara Lavallee

A story set in Alaska about unconditional love. An Inuit daughter searches for the limit of her mother's love in board book format. A well-loved favorite.

Pact says: This is an imaginative and reassuring story presenting a model for terrific parenting.

More, More, More, Said the Baby
by Vera Williams

Three wonderful, funny multicultural stories with pictures that show babies in families having fun with their parents and grandparents. Sometimes the child and adult are of the same race; sometimes they're not.

Pact says: A heartwarming imagination-tickler that all kids should experience.

On Mother's Lap
by Ann Herbert Scott

This book explores the issue of whether Mom has room on her lap for both of her children. The answer is, “There’s always enough room for us both.”

Pact says: A book to cuddle with.

pleasebaby.jpg Please, Baby, Please
by Spike Lee and Tonya Lee

An energetic toddler has tons of important things to do. Her parents must be patient, understanding and love her unconditionally..The book’s end, in the final wordless picture, a loving embrace leaves no doubt of who loves this baby.

Pact says: A loving book that just happens to have all African American characters. Also available in a board book $7.99.

Shades of Black
by Sandra L. Pinkney

Embraces the beauty and diversity of African American children. Using simple poetic language these photographic portraits and descriptions of varied skin tones, hair texture and eye color convey a strong sense of pride in a unique heritage.

Pact says: Pictures of the real faces of African American children demonstrate in a visual way the true diversity of "black" people, allowing young children to understand that blackness derives not from the color but from the culture of a people.

So Much
by Trish Cooke

Mom and baby (who happen to be brown-skinned), are home alone when Auntie and then Uncle and Nannie and Gran-Gran and the cousins come to visit. And they all want to hug and kiss and squeeze and eat the baby right up because everybody loves the baby so much!

Pact says: A wonderful evocation of a moment in a Black family's life. A Pact bestseller.

Whose Knees Are These?
by Asim

Playful rhymes answer the title question. The text refers to knees so brown and so strong and toes so brown and sweet.

Pact says: These titles add welcome diversity to board-book collections.

Will There Be A Lap For Me?
by Dorothy Corey

Kyle loves to sit on his mom's lap but now that she is expecting a baby, her lap is getting smaller and smaller. The characters just happen to be African American.

Pact says: This reassuring story about a black family answers big-sibling universal questions.

Yum, Yum, Dim Sum
by Amy Wilson Sanger

This board book is fun, a charming introduction to dim sum, and even a little bit educational for adults. The rhymes are simple and catchy, and the illustrations (with pictures made from scraps of fabric) are intriguing.

Pact says: A winner.

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