Tune-Ups for Adoptive Parents

Helping adoptive parents address specific issues related to parenting, adoption, and/or race.

Pact is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve adopted children of color. Pact provides not only adoptive placement but lifelong education, support, and community for adoptees and their families on issues of adoption and race. Our goal is for every child to feel wanted honored and loved, a cherished member of a strong family with proud connections to the rich cultural heritage that is his or her birthright. We advocate for honesty and authenticity in matters of race and adoption. We strongly believe that adopted children's and adults' connections to birth family and birth heritage should be respected and maintained.

Pact offers services for adoptive parents including pre-placement and post-placement parenting consultations which focus on talking to children about adoption and effective parenting strategies Ė we have special consultations for those parenting transracially or transculturally including both white parents and interracial families.

Whether you are deciding if you should adopt or how to do it, or have already formed your family through adoption and are seeking support and guidance as your children move through different ages and stages, we have personalized consultations available to meet your needs.

Pact is acutely aware of the unique challenges that adopted people of color face in this country. We take a practical and honest approach to the issues surrounding adoption, race and family as they pertain to your specific situation. Both before and after placement, Pact offers specially designed assessments for parents adopting transracially (across racial lines) and/or transnationally.

Consultations are available with:

Beth Hall, Director
Katie Stickles-Wynen, MSW, Pre-Placement Adoption Specialist
Susan Dusza Guerra Leksander, LMFT, First/Birth Family Specialist
Malaika Parker, Director of Pactís Adoptive Parents of Color Collaborative

Note: Pact members are eligible for discounted consultation rates. You can join today.

Individual consultations: $120/hour for members, $130 for non-members

Package: $500 for members, $575 for non-members, for 5 hours to be used at your own pace

Parenting Consultations
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