Pre-Placement Consultations

Planning to adopt takes a great deal of courage, love and reflection. There is much more to adoption than bringing home a baby-that tremendous moment is only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Each decision you make now becomes part of your child's story. When adoption is approached in a thoughtful way, parents are better-prepared to meet their children's needs-and at Pact, our ultimate goal is always to serve the children.

Pact's mission is to help African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, and multiracial children in need of adoption find permanent, loving families. We recruit families who are yearning to adopt and whose first choice is to adopt a child of color. We work with expectant parents and adoptive families throughout the United States. Every day, from every state, women facing untimely pregnancies call on us for help. Adoption professionals call Pact regularly to maximize choices available to women bearing children of color. We know the best way to support adopted children is to offer extensive services to the families children are born into, as well as the families in which they are placed.

We believe same-race adoptions are easier for children; therefore, active recruitment of adoptive parents of color is our top priority. Currently about 95% of our placements involve children placed with families where one or more parent is the same race as the child. All of our services are free to expectant parents, and our placement services for pre-adoptive parents are offered on a steep sliding scale based on income, so that no qualified low- or middle-income families are barred from adopting due to prohibitive costs. Pact is known around the country as a model and advocate of ethical, honest, anti-racist adoption practices.

No child can afford to wait for a loving family. Individuals who wish to adopt across racial lines can be wonderful parents to children of color if they are willing and able to support their child's heritage. It is essential for families to have strategies that ensure that their lifestyle does not result in racial or cultural isolation for their child—which is why Pact offers special educational and support programs for those considering transracial adoption.

We require 2 hour consultations, either face-to-face or by phone, with all prospective parents who wish to apply to adopt with Pact. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions. We want to answer all your questions and to present you with additional food for thought—issues that until now you may not have considered, but will be essential to the health and happiness of the child you hope to adopt.

Please note that if you are adopting transracially (across racial lines) you must complete the Transracial/Transnational Consultation - Building Community Across Cultures (BCAC) consultation before registering for a Pre-Placement consultation

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