Transracial Adoption

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BelowTheSurface webstore.jpg Below the Surface
A self-assessment guide for adoptive families considering adoption across racial or cultural lines. This learning tool will help pre-adoptive parents decide for themselves if transracial adoption is the right choice for their family. It is designed to give parents feedback as to how challenging this form of parenting is likely to be for them depending on their personality, lifestyle, attitude about race and knowledge of races other than their own Professionals will find this tool invaluable.

Comments from the field: "This was a useful tool for increasing our awareness of our experience as a transracial couple and family and for opening areas of exploration for us as a couple, as parents and prospective adoptive parents. For example, completing the survey helped us to recognize some important differences in our individual responses and contributions to parenting, given that one of us is Caucasian and the other Hispanic. Until now, we had focused on our simlar interests and shared bilinguality, but we had missed that for one of us transracial issues have been central to learning to be a parent, while for the other these issues have not arisen at all. Thanks for helping us dig deeper."

    Susan McKenna & Rafael Coto

    Bulk pricing is available at the rate of $5.00 for 11-100, $3.50 for more than 100. Please email us for more information.

Inside-transracial-adoption-second-edition.jpg Inside Transracial Adoption, Second Edition
by Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg

Completely revised in 2013, this rewritten classic "moves beyond the debate to offer real solutions to real challenges. Reinforces the message that race matters, racism is alive, and families built transracially can develop binding ties." “Eloquent, interesting, and intensely practical, you can’t read this book without thinking differently about your own life as a child, a parent, and a member of our diverse society.” “Brimming with facts, examples, challenge and inspiration, and plenty of hard-nosed practical advice.” “Every adoption professional and transracial parent should read this book.”

Pact says: Humbly, since Pact’s co-founders wrote it, we think it’s pretty good!

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