Transracial/Transnational Adoption Consultations

Transracial/Transnational Parenting: Building Community Across Cultures

Should you adopt across racial lines? How can you be a better transracial parent?

We believe transracial adoption can work beautifully if the parents are serious about helping their child build a positive racial identity. We don't subscribe to the "colorblind" or "love is enough" approach-we believe that race matters and that parents who are adopting across racial lines must commit to making changes in their own lives to support their children. We are here to support you in that process.

Pact has created the Building Community Across Cultures (BCAC) program for families who are considering transracial or transnational adoption and as well as those who are already parenting children of a different race. If you have been wondering exactly how to bring more diversity into your family's circle, we can help.

We urge pre-adoptive families to complete the BCAC program early in their adoption process, because we have learned from experience that once a family adopts a child, they tend to turn inward to "nest" for several years while they adjust to their new family life. Later, when they feel ready to make connections and address their child's racial and cultural needs, they find that they have already put into place many "building blocks" of community that can be difficult to change once they're established.

We offer versions of the BCAC program for both pre-adoptive and post-adoptive families:

Is Transracial Adoption the Right Choice for Our Family?

We offer you the benefit of our decades of personal and professional experience with the challenges and joys of transracial adoption. Through guided self-reflection, real-life exercises, and in-person or phone consultations with Pact staff, BCAC will help you decide whether or not transracial adoption is the right choice for your family. Should you do it? Are you prepared for what lies ahead? What race child are you best prepared to adopt and how do you decide? What issues do you need to consider if you're already parenting children who share your race? BCAC supports you as you assess your current lifestyle and community and your readiness to successfully parent a child of color. Prospective transracial adoptive parents find this process challenging, eye-opening, and immensely helpful.

Already Doing It - How Can We Do Better?

This consultation will help you assess the cultural diversity in your family and community life, and what needs to change. What is going well? Where are your challenge areas? How has life has changed since you adopted transracially? What connections do you already have with communities of color, and what connections do you need to create? The BCAC program involves self-directed assignments done at home to explore real-life scenarios, and helps you create a plan with specific tasks you will accomplish.

Fee: $500 - Includes 4 hours of consultation and/or check in time with Pact staff, as well as exercises and homework to help you better understand racial dynamics and become the best parent for a child of color that you can be.

Building Community Across Cultures Consultations
BCAC - We Are Already Doing It - How Can We Do Better?
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